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Meet Miss Gaby...


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Don't forget to read the testimonials below!

I have been a teacher in the performing arts for over five years, specializing in various acting and singing and techniques. During this time I have taught students of all ages from toddlers to seniors. I am also a working professional, very in touch with what is trending in the "real world", and have extensive experience in training students for conservatories, competitions, college, and professional auditions.  

A typical lesson with me will ALWAYS include a warm up —your instrument is very valuable and should be treated with the up-most care. After that, it's really up to you! We can work on monologues or songs you already know, or I can suggest new repertoire based on your type and range.


Need to record pre-screens for college? I got you covered, with state of the art equipment that will showcase you according to industry standards!


In either case, the most important thing for me is to help you grow as a performer and feel confident about yourself! To view sample lessons click here.


To schedule a private lesson, or learn more about pricing, just click here!

Don't take my word for it!
Here's what my students have to say...

"You have no idea how grateful I am for everything you’ve done for us, and I’m sure the rest of my fellow classmates agree. You are an amazing professor, advisor and friend! Thank you for giving me so much of your knowledge. I’ve learned many things from you, and I feel ready for what’s to come in my future because of your words and wonderful teachings! I’m truly grateful we had you as our professor this semester. You are a light in the lives of many, including mine."

—Melissa Gomez (MDC)

"Gaby, you are an inspiration. I want to be like you when I grow up. I always look forward to coming to class and I'm finally proud of who I became because of you. You are the best!!!"

—Doris Gomez (MDC)

"I don’t even know where to start! From the 3 years I’ve known her, Gaby has always been such a bright light and huge talent ever since I had my first class with her. She helped me so much with my voice and acting when it comes to portraying songs effectively. Gaby: thank you for being so helpful and supportive in every class. Keep on sharing your passion and knowledge for theatre, I know you will do great things! I definitely recommend Gaby as a voice teacher, you won’t find anybody more dedicated to helping you reach your highest potential."

—Chloe Littleton (Private Student)

"I have been taking lessons with Gaby for years. My range has grown and my overall performance has been improved. She takes the time to focus on details and makes sure your piece is perfected. She gives tips and helps you hit notes you never thought you could hit before. She helps with your acting while performing and helps with auditions for shows. She is positive and honest and she is an amazing coach. I love her so much and I am so happy I started taking lessons with Gaby. I definitely recommend her and you will never go back to another coach after one lesson with her."

—Brianna Braun (Private Student)

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